Anyone tear down their agp every winter?


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Apr 11, 2020
We have a small back yard and basically it has enough room to fit a trampoline and the pool, nothing else really. Winter time I was planning to tear it down (mid October) and set it back up (mid April) to gain back our artificial grass area for the kids to play some. Is this practical or will it be more wear and tear on the structure? It's a 12x22 best way.
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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
personally I think it risks holes and leaks (from handling and from rodents), but putting it away in winter probably helps with preventing rust on the frame and if you need the room they aren't that expensive to replace in the event something goes wrong. I have left mine up since I got it, but I have plenty of room.
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i have taken mine down each year, and have yet to have a problem. i purchased a new Intex last summer and i stored it for the winter. i am like you, i have a small backyard also. i have taken my pool down each year for the last 5 seasons. i worry each year when i take it out of storage if i would have problems with something eating it during the winter. just make sure you do not drag it on the ground. you never know what might be in the grass that will cause it to poke a hole.
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