Anyone Regret Getting A Tan Pool Liner?


May 7, 2018
I need to replace my pool liner and I'm really liking the aqua look a tan liner gives off, but im wondering if anyone regrets getting one since they seem to be pretty rare.


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Aug 19, 2014
Pacific NW
A lot of pool owners are thrilled with that color and the water color they ended up with.
I almost did but went with a medium blue pebble tech like pattern in the end. I think I would have regretted tan.


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Aug 16, 2018
Avon, Indiana
Our neighbor has a tan liner, they really like it. We had it on our top 3 but but I did not like how it made the water a greenish tint so we went with grey which gave it more of a deep teal color.


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
It's a mosaic tile pattern that is predominantly dark tan in color. Yes it does have a dark blue top edge. One of the things we like about it is that it appears to change color with different outdoor conditions.97961
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Jul 20, 2017
Windsor, Ontario. Canada
My last liner was a tan because at the time that was the only material in stock to make one so i went for it. It looked beautiful when installed without water as it was Not The Norm i guess. Once filled you can not notice it except for the top border. I also found i cannot get that blue water sparkle to the water that i was use to with the blues.


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
Snapped this the other day. I'm very happy with the look the tan liner gives. There is plenty of sparkle in my water for me, anytime there are ripples on the water in full sun the colors that dance off the water are memorizing.MVIMG_20190602_152253-01-02.jpeg
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Jul 11, 2017
These are SO pretty! :love: If Doughboy had a tan (or even gray) expandable liner, that's what I would've picked. The blues are pretty, but ours is just too blue.


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Jun 2, 2019
That is gorgeous!!
We are still in the liner vs. gunite pool phase, but this liner is one we've considered if we do go the liner route!
Thank you for posting... this one is a great choice because not only is it beautiful- it is a super-max liner which has UV protection... a great choice for FL where I am! :goodjob:


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Jul 12, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We are in the process of getting our liner replaced with a tan coloured one (sandstone). I love the look of them. Will try to post pics once it is done.
As promised, here is the pool with our tan liner. It is Sandstone by Poolwerx. I love it.