Anyone regret building a vinyl liner pool vs concrete or fiberglass?


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Jul 14, 2019
North Carolina
I was all over these forums last year, gathering information, and reading as much as i could on pool builds. The pros and cons of concrete vs vinyl pools. I even talked with a couple PB's and got some quotes last summer. Just could not pull the trigger yet, because the shape and design i want, i can't afford yet in concrete, but i could in vinyl. We have 3 dogs, two cats, and lots of wildlife that come through our backyard since we live out in the country and have several hundred of acres of forestry that backs up to our back yard. With all the wild life, dogs, etc. right there, going with a vinyl pool scares me to death, but the quotes for concrete over vinyl that i got last year were for over 20 thousand dollars more.


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Jun 16, 2019
Yeah. I got my bigger vinyl pool AND most of my fancy car for the same amount of money. We got acrylic stairs so the big dogs wouldn’t puncture the liner on the stairs, and taught them how to use the stairs. Even completely trimmed and smoothed the 140 lb dogs nails are an inch long and as thick as a pencil. I got the safety cover for the winter in case Raccoons, deer, possums etc walked across it.
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