Anyone Own a Dog That Loves to Swim?


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Aug 13, 2014
Seminole, FL
+1 for skimmer socks. I also have a vortex leaf catcher on my cleaner which catches all the hair that's sunk to the bottom.

First pic - Branston my chocolate lab active in our previous pool (rented house)

And a more leisurely swim out to the steps at our current (own) house. He's going blind at 3 1/2 (retinal atrophy), but doesn't stop him jumping in and swimming!




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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Awesome pics! Love the jumping in and the kid's face!

I am glad you are in your own house so he can be in his place and will know his way around.



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Wish our Rhodesian Ridgeback/American Stafford would go in the pool. He's such a baby :) He'll run around the edge of the pool all day long but if anyone is in it, he won't come inside the gate!

If I take him in the first thing I will do is show him the stairs. That's actually one of my biggest fears: being at work and watching Geno in the pool not knowing how to get out... Ok, no more sad thoughts and maybe I should teach him that regardless of him not wanting to swim.

I hadn't heard of skimmer socks, so thanks to all that suggested them and I will be ordering some.

Thanks for the pictures and the video!!!


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Aug 18, 2014
Amelia Island, FL
Rather than socks, these hairnets are fantastic. Someone from TFP turned me on to these and I love em. They go for about $8/case at Amazon

3M Disposable Hair Net 407, Spunbond Polypropylene, Universal, White (Case of 100)