Anyone near Columbia TN? How do you know-you need new filter

Sep 2, 2007
Columbia, TN
1) Anyone near Columbia, TN? Honestly - I think I would rather pay someone (depending on how much lol) to help me clean the pool and get it running - a guy was supposed to a month ago - kept calling putting it off - and I am tired of waiting - last year my kids did not get to swim till August! I do not want that this year, and it is already the end of June.

2) Last year, we had the problem of the pump blowing like white stuff back in the pool - someone told me that they thought I just needed to change the sand. Someone else told me I needed a NEW filter. I KNOW the gauge thing on the filter is broke. But other than that - how do I know for sure? is there an easy way - or would it be cheaper and less headache for me to buy brand new? AND from my local pool place it is like $400, I saw ones in like the catalogs we get - and like for $2-300, but I do not know for sure what all I need/want, etc.

Any comments/help appreciated!



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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida

The decision process is pretty straightforward.....

Decide if you want someone to take care of your pool (in which case just look in the yellow pages) or....

Decide that you want to do it yourself (but you'll have to learn how. You may not need any equipment but rather a basic understanding of pool water chemistry that will require some time and effort on your part) or that you don't want to do it yourself which will bring you right back to hiring someone.

You can't just hire someone to do a one-time fix because you'll end up right back in the same boat. There will be no one magic ingredient that will fix your's a process that you must learn or pay someone to do it for you.
Sep 2, 2007
Columbia, TN
Noone in the yellow pages in my area except pool stores.

I was hoping someone HERE - MIGHT be SOMEWHAT close to me - to HELP ME figure out if I need to REPLACE my filter, or just buy new - because I have NO idea - and I do NOT know if it is a sand filter or the diamataceous.

AND - like I said before - I KNOW my gauge is broke - but other than that - I do NOT KNOW if I need a NEW filter, or just empty it and clean it out? So I NEED someone to HELP me with that - or HELP to TELL me HOW I can tell.

ONCE I am set up - I am confident - with reading in here - I can do it on my own - but I NEED some HELP with figuring out what I asked about on my filter.
If it is blowing sand back into the pool you might have a broken lateral. You don't need to replace the whole filter, just the lateral assembly in most cases. Pressure gauges are cheap, usually under $10 and they just screw in, btw.