anyone know what this white stuff is


May 10, 2017
Rolla, MO
This white stuff showed up at the end of the season last year and I had no luck with shock or algaecide getting rid of it. It is almost cloud like and floats just above the bottom of the pool. Running the self running vacuum just stirs it up slightly and doesn't remove it. I just opened my pool yesterday and it is still there. the amount did not increase over the winter. There are just patches of it. I have not yet treated my pool since opening. I am bringing up water levels so I can run the filter before I do. My current water levels are:
Total hardness 240
Total Chlorine 0
Free Chlorine 0
ph 6.2
Alkalinity 87
CYA - 3

Any help would be appreciated



May 10, 2017
Rolla, MO
I have filled out my profile signature with the information on my pool. I wanted to add that this white stuff has no really substance. You can run your hand through it and stir it up, but it is not something you can actually feel. I have read the ABC's of pool water chemistry a number of times.


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Jul 21, 2013
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CYA 3 is not a valid CYA level. Where did you get your CYA test from? You need a better test kit then the poolmaster essential test kit.

We recommend either the TF-100 Test Kits or the Taylor K-2006C.

Once you have better water chemistry results post them and we will see what it tells us about your problem.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Should I hold off doing any treatment until I get test results
Our recommendation is to add 5 ppm FC worth of liquid chlorine to the pool water each evening with the pump running until you get your test kit and can post up your water chemistry.