Anyone know what is in Leslie's Perfect Weekly?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
What’s in it you ask? Well I can’t tell you. It’s a secret blend of 11 different chemicals & minerals that come from the volcanic ash on very remote islands, harvested by specially trained Leslie’s employees. But just fork over your dough and we promise it’ll work. ;)
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Sep 1, 2016
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What chemical is it and what is it for? Does anyone here use it in addition to the recommended chemicals?
No idea what it does, but I've had my pool for three years now. I've used the TFP method exclusively and maintained my own chemistry. It's worked great! My pool is always ready to swim in. It has been cloudy at times, after storms, or if I haven't kept up with my filter cleaning ..also in the spring with all the pollen .. I was tempted to try some clarifier and other cure-alls but I held out, just stuck with the basics, and sure enough, things clear up every time. It's great not to have to worry about all the extra chemical buildup in the pool, and my water is consistently the envy of my other pool-owning neighbors.