Anyone know the difference between a Hayward Perflex EC65A vs. EC75A?


May 23, 2017
Providence, RI
When we bought our house, it came with what we think is a Hayward Perflex 65A. Over the years, we've replaced a few parts, always buying those compatible with the EC65A.

This spring, the top of the filter developed some cracks and was leaking, plus a few other things broke. We decided to take the plunge and buy an all new filter, and cannibalize the old one for future parts.

We ordered the W3EC65A from Google Shopping, hoping that it would be identical in all ways to the EC65A.

Instead, they sent us a W3EC75A.

Here's what I'm trying to figure out, and can't seem to find an answer online:
  • Is there any difference in dimensions or performance between a 65A, EC65A, and W3EC65A? Why all the different numbers?
  • Can I put a W3EC75A in place of a 65A without having to re-do the piping?
  • From what I can see online, the main difference between the 65 vs. the 75 is a higher "effective filtration area." Is this just a situation where more is better? Or do I need to worry about my pump being able to keep up with the filter?
I tried calling Hayward, but they said it's a 48 hour wait to talk to a tech.

Not sure if the updates I just made to my signature will show up, so we have a 22,500 gallon inground pool and a Hayward SuperPump VS 115V. We use a Polaris 360 sweeper.

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 2, 2011
Hayward has put W3 in front of all of their model numbers. I'm not sure why. Probably a warranty change or something.

The 3 big manufacturers are also designating models as "Professional" grade that are not available online.

The EC75 is a little bit bigger. So, that's good. Check the dimensions from the Hayward website or installation manual.

It might be a little bit taller, which might require a slight plumbing change.

From a pump perspective, it's not a problem.

Some of the parts should be interchangeable with the ec65.

I think that the main tank is taller and the fingers are longer and that's the only difference.


May 23, 2017
Providence, RI
Thanks James - that’s super helpful! Based on your feedback, I unboxed it and took the measurements - the ec75 is exactly the same size as the ec65, so all of our pipe fittings fit perfectly. I didn’t open it up so can’t compare the insides to figure out what yields the higher filtration rate, but hopefully this post can help others who are comparing the two models.

Bottom line - it fit!
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