Anyone in TX sick of the rain yet?


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Jul 3, 2007
North of Dallas
Man o man.... It has been raining for a month straight here. A few days here and there mixed in but in the 6 weeks since we've finished/filled the pool, I've had to drain it 5 times....

and now, this evening, more rain!

to make matters worse, the storm last night literally threw my big table with the umbrella in the middle into the middle of the pool, along with 4 of the chairs. the other 2 chairs and 4 lounge chairs ended up against the fence on the far side of the pool. there's 2 big stains in the pool where some of the paint landed/rubbed on the brand new 6 week old plaster and wouldn't come off by hand/cleaning brush, hopefully they'll come off with a stiffer brush.


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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
Well, if there is a bright side for you to look on, it is the fact that you have a gunite pool, and not vinyl... You would have had much bigger trouble than a few stains to deal with, like patching or even replacing of your liner. :shock:
I feel for you though, having lived in rainy hurricany SE Louisiana for 30 years. Now I live in drought country apparently... our grass is dead, and I don't even currently have a pool I can enjoy :roll:


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Jun 26, 2007
I am up in the southern part of the Panhandle and last year we had the drought with dry dry conditions, high winds, and big fire threats. A good portion of the area north of me did burn. It was terrible. Livestock burned, some people died. At one point on I-40 they had traffic backed up and stopped due to smoke cutting visibility and there were flames lapping at the cars.
There was a fire 30 miles away that I could see from my back door.

And so it started to rain last August and we were thrilled, and all winter, about every weekend we were getting snow or rain or freezing rain, and our Tornado season started in February, and I was up at 5:30 this morning moving children away from windows because of lighting, I have to drive to Ft Worth tomorrow night and I am watching the weather and my blood pressure is rising because it is going to be rainy and people drive like IDIOTS in the rain!!!

All of this extreme weather is making me into a hermit!!!