Anyone Having Problems With Spiders Around Their Pool?


Jun 22, 2010
Frisco, Texas
We installed a new inground pool this year. We are noticing a large amount of spiders around it. A few are making their way into it. Really gross as I have found a few very large ones in the skimmers. I started spraying around it and the patio. Is anyone else having the same issue and if so, what are you using?


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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
We have always had lots of them. They sit there between the tile and the coping and wait for prey. There isn't much that you can do about them really aside from just learning to live with them. Do be careful reaching into the skimmer though since some do bite (wolf spiders) and it hurts, although they aren't dangerous to us.


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Jul 24, 2007
Suwanee, GA
I see spiders all the time. In the water, on the side and usually always one in either skimmer. If it's in the water or inside the coping, I'll pull it out with the net, otherwise I leave them alone.


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Jul 23, 2010
Metro Atlanta, Georgia
DE does work wonder on crawling bugs, but I thought is lost its effectiveness when it got wet. Do you have any problems with that when using it around your pool?


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We have started seeing spiders (not thrilled about this) but seems like they aren't the "bad" ones but not ideal. Appears to be the 6 spotted fishing spider or Wolf spider and they as Shane1 has mentioned above but would like them to go away. Yes they are helping to get rid of other bugs, but I don't like sharing my pool with them.


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May 6, 2015
Chickasha, OK
I've always had spiders around my pool. Seems like I have 1 or 2 in each skimmer every day when I dump them. I tend to let them be -- they eat mosquitoes and other insects I'd rather not have in my backyard...

What I've noticed a lot this year is frogs. I probably have one in my deep end skimmer (where the majority of the suction is) every couple of days. I've also noticed no fewer than a dozen tiny frogs (1/2" or so in length) roaming around, hiding in the numerous gaps between my coping and the concrete deck. I fished one of those little guys out of the pool yesterday.

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Apr 20, 2014
They are all around my pool. I just let them be. But I did read to get rid of spiders to spray for other insects. They only stay because of the food (other insects) and if there is no food they will leave.


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Jun 13, 2013
We get lots of wolf spiders around here. I use a product like this one from lowes for cricket controll but it seems to kill every insect that touches it. I sprinkle it around my perimiter.

I just googled "Wolf Spider" and immediately regret that decision. If I saw one of those things, around my pool I'd would run away as far as I could and never return


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Aug 10, 2012
FL panhandle
I used to hate spiders but I hate mosquitoes more. So, now I leave the spiders alone so they can eat the skeeters.


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Apr 27, 2013
Wichita, KS
We have spiders around and in the pool. Most of them are small, but I do find a big honker in the skimmer or in the pockets where the bouy line for the shallow end marker goes now and then.

They don't bother me, but I have a grandson who about jumps out of his skin when he sees any spider. I spray for them occasionally and it helps for a little while, but they always come back.


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Mar 1, 2016
Va Beach, VA
I know this is an old thread but we just put a pool in an the wolf spiders (and/or their cousin the hunter spider) are all over, it's crazy, I can see a few floating in the bottom of the pool dead. We leave our noodles in the pool all the time and they love to hang out on them. They also hide right under the coping and in the skimmers. It's a real turn off for me for the pool. Sucks. I might start doing some granulars around the pool perimeter and see if that helps.


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Sep 5, 2014
Katy, TX
It's kinda hard to kill spiders unless you (or your bug guy) can spray them directly. You have a bunch of spiders simply because there is an ample food source for them. Kill their food, and they will go somewhere else. Killing the mosquitos and gnats is easier said than done. However, with the treat of Zika and West Nile, I've been fogging the yard 2x per day for the last few months. We are getting far fewer mosquito bites, and I'm seeing a lot few arachnids creeping around the pool and in the house lately.
On a related note....when they started building the house next door several months ago, we got inundated by spiders. A few of the wolf spiders were the size of my hand. I didn't know we had tarantulas here in Texas!


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Jun 28, 2014
The Woodlands, TX
Bumping this thread as I just killed a wolf spider about 4" across that was in the skimmer basket...with babies. Ewwwww. How the heck can I prevent them in the pool?

I have sprayed my dry stack stone and also the lids inside my skimmer basket but we have always had them.

The problem is that we like to swim laps at night and I have caught one staring me down from the coping more than once. One time it startled me so badly I kicked away and slammed my foot into the Wet Edge stone and cut the bejeesus out of three of my toes. Didn't heal for a month.

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