Anyone have motor or drive info for an IntelliFlo pump?


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Jun 26, 2007
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For those of you that have a Pentair IntelliFlo or IntelliFlo 4x160, does the motor have any information on it such as a motor manufacturer or a motor nameplate? Similarly, is there any info on the variable speed drive (mounted on the top of the motor)?

The motor is the IntelliFlo is very different from the single-phase induction pool motors on the vast majority of residential pools. These motors are even very different from the plain vanille three-phase induction motors in use in commercial and industrial facilities. The motor is evidently something called a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, which instead of having a rotor made up of shorted copper bars (otherwise known as a squirrel-cage rotor), the rotor has instead a bunch of powerful permanent magnets (I guess hence the name).

I have been told that the Pentair IntelliFlo motor is designed to run for 20 years. Since the warranty is for only one year, I was curious what a replacement motor would cost. Someone in the industry said they had been told that the cost for pool professionals, not for the end customer, would be $600-$800. This was too much second and third hand info for me, so I tried to find the IntelliFlo motor (and drive) replacement costs on the internet. Rather ominously, all of the pool parts houses either omit listing part item #23 part #350104 intelliflo var-spd mtor drive 3.2kw or item #24 part #350105 vfd motor 2.3kw PMSM or even show these parts as "obsolete". Evidently, Pentair is not very interested in the replacement costs of these items to become general knowledge. Not reassuring.

Thanks in advance for anyone who is able to share any data that is on the IntelliFlo motor or drive.


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Mar 28, 2007
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Info on Pentair IntelliFlo

All I could find on my Pentair IntelliFlo pump with any technical info is the following on two labels:

Pentair Water
P/N 353014
Volt: 230
1 Phase
Freq 50/60 Hz
KW: 3.2
Amps: 16
SF: 1.0
RPM: 400-3450
AMB: 55C/130F

3 HP
1.32 SF
3.95 SFHP


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Jun 26, 2007
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chem geek,

Thanks for the info.

That is interesting about the part number you found on the motor. This part number does not match up with the Pentair IntelliFlo parts lists that I have found, and I found even less on this part number (actually, nothing) than on the part number on the parts list.

And it is interesting that the nameplate is showing single-phase, even though this is a type of three-phase motor. I guess the nameplate is more for the motor/drive combo.

I guess it was too much to hope for the motor to show the motor manufacturer. Sometimes this things can slip by and you get lucky.

Thanks again for your help.