Anyone have Memorial Day pool plans?


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Jun 12, 2007
North Carolina
Just wondering who all is opening their pool this weekend or tomorrow. The kids are going to swim today in ours for the 2nd time. They jumped in last week and jumped right out because it was freezing. We've had the solar cover on this week though and it's warming a bit. We're going to have a cookout tomorrow and have some friends over.


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
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We'll just eat around the pool. Too danged cold to swim here. Normally we are in before this, but it will be at least a week, probably two the way it looks. It hit 70 yesterday. :(


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The pool is not done.... :( but it's too cold here anyway. Down to 50 overnight and a high of 65 (air). We went to the beach today with the 2 kids (5 & 6 years) thd they had a blast - but they didn't last too long. The air was cold and the water was 68.

Maybe we should drag some chairs out to the dirt around the pool and have a drink or two....



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Jun 12, 2007
North Carolina
txborn said:
We were in it and BBQ ing all day yesterday (a few adult beverages too) :cheers:

94 degrees today and pool temp is at 86.

I can pass on the 94 degree temps (mid 80's is hot enough for me), but I'm jealous of your 86 degree water! I don't know what our water temp is because yesterday when I went to put the thermometer in, it was broken. I need to pick up a new one. I got in the pool myself for the first time today. I cringed when I first got in, but after that, it wasn't all that bad. Still too cold for me to be comfortable though.


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Apr 16, 2007
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Pool water here went up to 70 with air temps at 75 maybe...

My son and Casey decided to go swimming after I put the steps in today... Casey was soo excited! :lol:
That lil black dot is Casey's head after she jumped in for her ball!

She sure does love her swimmin pool! 8)

I'm sure she'll be at it again tomorrow!


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
OH those pictures look so nice!!! We opened our pool, but not for swimming. The water was at 65 degrees so much too cold. We haven't put the solar panels back up for the season yet. Today its rainey and cool in the 50s. The air temps were in the 80s here yesterday and I got a good sunburn cleaning the pool and riding the horses, but no swimming yet. : (


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Apr 22, 2008
Central Texas
My kids started their day in the pool at 8:30 AM yesterday and today. It's been well above average temps here the last week or so and the pool has warmed up to about 85 degrees. :)

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