anyone have issues with Taylor Speedstir not working properly?


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Nov 13, 2015
Hi everyone, I've had the Taylor speedstir for a couple years and love it. But recently, it started not working right. The "pill" normally spins quickly and creates a nice mix. Now it just kind of jiggles which doesn't mix much at all. It spins when I first push the button but then it stops.

Has anyone experienced that? I'm going to try new batteries but didn't know if these things just wear out.


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
Mine does that on occasion and it's new. I tried no batteries, to no avail. It *appears* that the contacts aren't the best and makes for a bad connection. I debated returning/exchanging it, but I can get it to work with some assistance, so I have just dealt with it.