Anyone have experience with Tiger Shark In-ground Pool Cleaner?


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Nov 28, 2018
Thoughts? I have the options to purchase the Tiger Shark In-ground robotic cleaner for around 800 bucks. I am a complete newbie and while this looks cool, trying to justify purchasing one.

FYI, I'm the type of person who has plenty of down time over the summer and don't mind doing daily maintenance over morning coffee. How much easier is this going to make my life?

This is the cleaner I am considering TigerShark® Series | Cleaners | In Ground Pool Cleaners - Hayward Pool Products Are there better options for the money?

**Also want to add, I have very few if any trees near my backyard so I don't anticipate a lot of leaves/debris in my pool.

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Mar 23, 2017
Edmond, OK
I have a Hayward Sharkvac which is a lower tiered cleaner than the one you posted. It's pretty simplistic in that it doesn't have a caddy, remote, or any of the bells and whistles of more expensive cleaners and isn't designed to climb walls (it sometimes does until it realizes it shouldn't because I didn't pay the tax for such feature!). I have zero complaints about it and it does a good job of getting almost everything out. I've always doubted the effectiveness of any robot's scrubbing action because it always looks to me as though the scrubbers are just rotating at the same speed the cleaner is moving meaning the scrubber is just rolling over the surface and not actively scrubbing.

When my pool is really dirty, it may take me running it a couple of cycles before everything gets clean but that's no big deal to me and worth the savings. I think Amazon has them for about $450 right now.
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May 11, 2018
Delta, PA
We have the Tiger Shark with the Quick Clean option. We inherited it from the original owner and was likely a couple of years old. I love this thing and it works great. When it's time to replace, I see no reason why I wouldn't get another one just like it. It does get hung up on the drains from time to time (we have two), but if you don't have a drain, that's nothing you have to worry about.


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Apr 1, 2018
Bangor Maine
Its not more than you need, it eliminates the need for brushing, it will filter your water to less than 10 microns, will scrub the waterline and it’s enjoying having a cold one while “insert nickname here” cleans the pool.

Uncle Salty

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Feb 3, 2017
South Carolina
You won’t be disappointed, this will be my 3rd season with our TigerShark and it makes cleaning a breeze. I would recommend getting the caddy for it as well and a extra set of filters.

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Jun 11, 2018
League City, Texas
I’ve been using my Tiger Shark for 3-months now and I think it’s great. I don’t have any trees or plants in my backyard either so I only have to run him about once a week. Just be sure you keep the filters clean or it won’t clean as well. I don’t have the remote or caddy. I don’t think they’re necessary but your situation may vary.
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Apr 23, 2019
Chesapeake, Virginia
We had a tiger shark (still have it for parts if anyone wants it - actually 2 of them because the inlaws gave us theirs for parts after it broke, but my husband is tired of fixing it). Ours worked well for many many years. You have to make sure the treads are in the middle of their tracks or it won't go straight. It needed new parts on several occasions but luckily my husband is handy and ordered the parts from Hayward and it was back in action. The current shark situation is that it goes in the pool, powers up, spits water out of the top, crawls forward about a foot then shuts off. Currently shopping for another one. With our pool, I wished that I had paid extra for the remote because it never got one corner of the deep end and one section of the shallow end. The cord tangles, but seems like they all do, and it let lots of debris go out of the filter when draining the water to pull it out of the pool. Did suck up most things in its way though. Heavy too!


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Apr 17, 2010
I have a TigerShark QC that's a year into a 3-year warranty. Maybe my pool is different or somehow more sandy than most, but I have had nothing but recurring trouble with it.

The TigerShark QC, with the bottom loading cartridge and filters is, IMO, a pain to clean. It does not hold much in the way of leaf-type debris, and the dual filters must be removed and cleaned with a hose and high water pressure. Tedious compared to my current solution. I ended up getting a 2nd cartridge/filter set to simplify and speed-up turn-around. On top of that the cleaner is very heavy and always dumps debris back into the pool when being removed, and must be hauled out and turned upside down to remove the debris cartridge. rpitb.

Failure 1: During the first month the power supply failed (easy to identify, does not put out ~~24V measured on your multi-meter). This was replaced under warranty after about a month of waiting to get a replacement PS from Hayward, the same one you can get from Amazon in 1 or 2 days. :rolleyes: BTW, power supplies are $262+tax from Amazon but I did receive one of these under warranty.

Failure 2: The TigerShark has 10 bearings (white plastic things with ball bearings inside), 4 on the roller ends and another 4 guide bearings, 1 drive bearing, and a idler bearing on the tracks. Over the course of a year all these bearings have broken down and fallen apart/deteriorated, spewing little ball bearings into the pool and binding the tracks - you might find some picked up in the debris cartridge as an indicator one has failed. It is nearly impossible to check these bearings unless you disassemble the unit, which requires removal of 14 torx screws - quite time consuming and inaccessible unless you have a small battery-powered screwdriver. Each bearing is about $20-25 (so $200-$250 for a full set).

Failure 3: Roller bearings failed - 3 more. $75

Failure 4: During this same year, the impeller has also failed, throwing all 3 blades, but it is easy to replace yourself. $12.

Failure 5: The failure of the bearings can cause the drive tracks to bind and lose their drive "cogs", and they are over $20 each. Two Tracks. $40

Failure 6: 1-year-old drive motor seems to be dead and I won't buy that out-of-pocket. Its either that or the cord but I am not going to fix it myself out-of-pocket. The cord is $120 and the drive unit is $350.

Failure 7: I consider this one the "epic fail". In my case I thought the "3-year warranty" was a good thing, but in my city of 7 million people, there are now no (zero, nada) Hayward warranty service centers for Hayward robotic pool cleaners - they've have vanished, which causes the "3-year warranty" to become essentially worthless, as Hayward corporate support just refers folks to a local, non-existent, service center. Catch-22. Before you buy something with a warranty, find out how or where you have to go to get service. Manufacturer's warranty is moot if there is no place to go.

All these items have been replaced out-of-pocket (except the PS and the currently dead drive unit/cord). Even if you do have a convenient location for warranty service, when it is in the shop a half dozen times for a month each, and a $75 out-of-pocket not-covered "bench fee", you might want to rethink on a TigerShark.

Interestingly the motor/drive unit is still labled "AquaVac" even though Hayward acquired AquaVac in 2007 - indicating to me the TigerShark's technology and design is at least 12+ years dated behind. Instead of working in the pool, my 2018 TigerShark QC sits on my workbench with 2-years remaining in its warranty and nowhere to obtain it. The TigerShark QC and Hayward's support have not been a good experience at all. I would be happy to report a good experience if there was.

I am currently using a Maytronics Dolphin S200 and it has not exhibited any problems yet, fingers crossed. It is far simpler to remove, clean, and return to service. It is also lighter weight and holds more debris. Seems to clean the pool just as well if not better, and it is less expensive to buy. From what I have seen the parts are less expensive also. I have no experience trying to get warranty service yet, but those that have worked with Marina seem to be happy.

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Uncle Salty

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Feb 3, 2017
South Carolina
Sounds like you got a lemon unfortunately. I agree somewhat with the bottom access being a bit of pita and the cleaning of the filters, I have 4 sets in rotation. I’ve had zero issues and when it dies I’ll weigh my options on what’s available for a replacement but so far so good.

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