Anyone have experience with this aboveground winter cover?


Mar 1, 2009
I need to replace my winter cover for my aboveground pool this year and was considering this Armorkote solid cover with a mesh panel: ... 515&FNM=92

Does anyone have any experience with this cover? I've always used a full solid cover in the past along with a dryco drain that empties rain/snow water through the drain and out the water return line to ultimately drain onto the ground. With this mesh cover, it looks like the water just empties right into the pool itself (with debris trapped on the pool cover to be blown away). Will this result in a dirtier pool next spring? What about water levels? I have an Aquador so I keep my levels at normal - with a mesh panel, is that still advisable to do? Won't all the rain and snow water fill up the pool?

Worse comes to worse, I'll just get another solid cover and transfer the old dain to the new one, but I thought I'd see what other options existed.

Thanks for any advice!

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Jun 22, 2009
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With a mesh panel you will have some fine dirt get into the pool. It will also let water into the pool which will raise the level. If you don't have a drain it will overflow. That may cause problems. I'd either go with a solid cover or build a way to drain off the accumulated water before it overflows the pool.

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