Anyone have blueprints for an Ark?


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Apr 18, 2007
Plano, TX
I'm only about 4 months into the pool-owner thing, and have a question about excessive rain. We've gotten flood-level rains over the last two days, and even our coping is underwater. I realize its going to throw off the chemicals, but do I need to pump it out to waste, or can I just consider it free water and let it go down gradually? I guess the skimmer really won't be able to "skim" but other than that is it a problem? We just had all new pebble plaster, tile, and coping installed, so hopefully it won't mess with the mortar or mastic...


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
Ditto, it throws off the chem balance so that has to be watched. The constant rain drops/splatter brought the PH WAY up on mine and of course watered down/diluted the CYA and chlorine. The skimmer did not do its job, except whatever was suspended that got pulled in and filtered by the skimmer sock/basket. I have also now pumped out over 13" of rain that went above the skimmer since early May. This last round yesterday has not been pumped out, so that would make another 2"

Ark plans? Pass them along please.....