Anyone ever heard of these MFG?

Blue Torrent Pool Pumps

Blue Torrent - ENERGY STAR - 1.5 HP - w/ 8 Variable Speed Pump

Seems to be the same pump (because of model # as this one) Splash Pool Pumps

Splash Pumps Variable Speed Energy Star Certified in Ground Pool Pump 1.5hp 220v | eBay

I cant find any reliable review sites for these (Amazon only has two reviews on the Splash Pump one)...

I assume it is Chinese Made and marketed hence the price, but if someone has experience with one of these pumps here I would appreciate the feed back.

ALSO never heard of AquaPro either (different pump then above).. anyone have opinions on the pump in the link below

AquaPro 1.25 HP Variable Speed Pump - Pool Supplies Canada
I spoke with a local guy that does pump repair in Windsor, On .. he said the Splash Pumps are indeed a Chinese product. However he said that alot of the replacement parts that he now gets for Hayward, Jandy, etc are also from China.

He said the Chinese companies are looking to improve their image and are offering good warranties and standing behind their products. He does believe there is a company in Canada (probably US as well) that has brought these into sell and you are able to get warranty repair in country. BUT he still said he would prefer a more name brand vs the Splash


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Jul 26, 2016
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The thing is a warranty is only good if the company is still around, and if so, will honor it. The danger of buying a small or off-brand is that in a year from now, the company has changed names or gone out of business. Or you may need to ship off for warranty repair, leaving your pool without a pump for possibly an extended time. I am BIG on saving $, and have bought refurbished products, end-of-year, ... I have only had one bad experience in all my times purchasing refurbished gear, but with my pump I did not want to go that route and went with major brand as I wanted the reliability. So if you're willing to accept the risks in return for the savings, then go for it.
Jul 21, 2017
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Hi. Does anyone have any more info on this pump? I went with an expensive brand name and it went bad in 4 years. I'm so upset. I'd rather pay half as much and get the same 4 years out of it.

I just want to find out if anyone is satisfied so far, maybe some real specs, reviews, etc.

Thank you in advance.
Oct 5, 2017
Hi. Does anyone have any more info on this pump? I went with an expensive brand name and it went bad in 4 years. I'm so upset. I'd rather pay half as much and get the same 4 years out of it.

I just want to find out if anyone is satisfied so far, maybe some real specs, reviews, etc.

Thank you in advance.
I just bought one off Amazon labeled Blue Torrent, looking at it, it looks exactly like the Heyward SP2302VSP variable speed, the lcd layout and everything. Im betting inside would be same exact thing just not paying for the name brand. Figuring out programming took a bit but it has lots of options. When on low settings it is very quiet but moves little water. When cranked up to 3450 for cleaning its acceptable noise and really pushes water.
$300 for variable speed installed seems a great deal after running it for about a week. Looking forward to next electric bill for signs of savings. And if you dont pay an installer on the name brands you lose all warranty anyway so i dont think you can go wrong with this pump. What is the going rate for say the Heyward installed? About $1,000. Not worth $700 for 1 yr warranty, 10 year maybe. Ill try and answer questions anyone might have on it.


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Mar 16, 2010
Anyone looking at a variable speed pump should take a look at the 2-speed pumps. They are so much less complicated and no electronics to get knocked out. They have been on the market for decades, energy savings comparable to VS pumps.


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Oct 8, 2017
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in a different industry, (sewing industry) I used to manufacture stuff in the US. We went offshore in the 80's. I've worked in MANY factories in China, Nam, Laos, etc. They CAN and do make quality products. It really depends on what the buyer wants often times. If they want cheap, they can make it cheap, and then it will likely breakdown. So MANY products from such places are junk. In the case of pumps, we're NOT talking rocket science here. They use stainless, good technologies, know about CPU's etc. They likely make many of the pumps that name brands here market. Some of the manufacturers make very good products. I'm buying a couple of pumps made in China, directly from a Chinese company. (different than you are looking at as I'm wanting DC direct pumps. Many quality pumps that are AC supply are often actually DC pumps with inverters. (though some are basically 3 phase pumps, run from single phase thru inverters). DC pumps are naturally variable speed, whereas normally AC pumps are not. Disregarding this, I'd not have a problem buying an AC pump from China, if they claim a decent warrantee. Remember pumps DO wear out. If you got 5 years, then maybe it was sooner than you wished, but maybe you can't complain. I use DC pumps for pumping water and normally get about 10 or more years out of the pumps. Normally it is NOT the motor, but the pump that goes bad. Looking at DC pumps made in the US or Europe, you are likely going to pay $1500 for a good brand. On the other hand, you can buy a similar pump, with a DC brushless motor, variable speed, with all the trimmings, for $400 or less. Will it last as long? probably not. But it IS all Stainless steel. They claim a 3 year warrantee, and you can buy 2 of them and probably get the one that goes bad repaired, (they claim they can repair them for a LONG time and nominal charge if past the 3 year warrantee.) and use the second pump while the first is repaired? If you would rather deal with a local dealer, then by all means do. But that dealer has to make some money and profit. Only fair.


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Jul 16, 2017
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Blue Torrent is owned by a local competitor to me on Long Island, Island Recreational. His import company is literally called "Asia Connection". The guy has no qualms admitting where this stuff comes from. There's a reason it's as cheap as it is, and whether or not it holds up is basically a craps shoot. If it breaks, the only place you can get parts is from Island Rec/Blue Torrent. They're the only pumps we turn away in the repair shop because of that.

The owner of the company has some really shady business practices though, and one look through Google/Yelp reviews of Island Recreational should tell you all you need to know about that. The guy's a brilliant businessman and salesman though, I'll give him that.
May 27, 2016
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I have owned one since August. It works great at lower speeds but once you turn it up to 4 or clean it will give me an over current error and shut down. I have tried to call customer service but have never been able to talk to anyone. If I had to do it over again I would go with something different.