Anybody heard of the Liquibuddy Chlorine System?


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Jun 26, 2007
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Has anybody heard of the Liquibuddy Chlorine System before? Evidently Tri-City Pool Service out of Fort Myer, Florida has developed this system and encourages all of their customers to use one in order to avoid the pitfalls of CYA overstabilization. If I'm reading the article correctly, Tri-City is giving these away free to their customers. I have no idea if they are selling these units to non-customers. ... html#story

Is this just a poor man's Liquidator?



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Apr 4, 2007
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Here's the key quote
we install at no cost to the home owner the Liquibuddy Chlorine System© as part of the weekly maintenance programs that we offer.
You pay a weekly fee for the service that includes the feeder.

It looks like it feeds the NaOCl undiluted into the pump, which would bother me a little.

It's still nice to see a pool service company that understands the issue and is trying to provide their customers with a solution. :thumleft:

I'm going to create a "Deep End" topic to discuss a couple of other things from the site.

ETA: here it is Deep End Topic