Any suggestions on cloudy water??


Feb 27, 2016
Eastern Tennessee
We opened the pool roughly two weeks ago and I had to slam due to an algae outbreak.
I succeeded in killing the algae, now I have cloudy blue water, cannot see the bottom in the 3 foot shallow end.
Been cloudy now for the better part of a week now. The pump has been running 24-7. The pressure never rises unless I add DE.
I passed the oclt and there are no CC's.
Been seriously thinking about adding some clarifier to the pool.
Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

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This is one of those scenarios that is tricky and can be very frustrating for a pool owner. You're making progress, passed the OCLT, but water is still cloudy - hence one of the 3 SLAM passing criteria (link below). So while your CCs are next to zero, and you may be losing very little FC, the fact that your water is still cloudy means the SLAM should go on.

You didn't post any test results, and we don't know which test kit you are using, so we're a bit in the dark. But I would bump the FC back up to the proper FC SLAM/Shock level based on your CYA and continue until the water is crystal. If you're concerned about the performance of the filter, you could do a sand "deep clean" if it's been a while. If you already did a deep clean, or the sand it relatively new, then just continue the SLAM course. I wouldn't add DE to sand yet (sometimes an option) because based on your description, the water is much too cloudy. There's still more organics to kill in there. Make sure to brush every area of that pool and check any possible areas that could hide algae (steps, ladder, behind the light, etc). Adding clarifier might give you some false hope until the algae bounces right back.

I would recommend adding your test kit to your signature and perhaps letting us know what your current CYA and FC levels are on the next post. It helps us put the whole thing together when evaluating your situation.