Any suggestions for a screw-on cap for a return?


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May 12, 2012
Elk Grove, CA
Our plumber threw in a return line (isolated by a manual valve) that is just a threaded opening on the floor of the pool. This is in the middle of a Caribbean shelf and is intended to be used as a fountain by screwing in a short pipe there so it can shoot water in the air.

I'm looking for a cap that I can screw into that when we are not using it as a fountain and I have the valve turned off. It is next to an umbrella sleeve that is gray, so ideally they would match. Does anybody have any suggestions? I figure worst case I could buy some PVC caps at the hardware store, but I doubt that would look any better than it is now, and I'd like it to be flush and easy to remove like the umbrella sleeve cover. The plaster company said I could buy one at a pool supply store, but the teenager at the desk looked at me like I was speaking Mandarin when I asked. I havent found anything on online pool supply stores, but that could be me searching for the wrong thing.

Here is a picture. Of course it was just windy enough today that I couldnt get a clean picture. The umbrella sleeve cover (grey) is to the right, and the open fountain hole (white) is on the left.