Any other AG SPLASHER Type pool people around?


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Sep 21, 2007
Howdy Hi!

I don't think I've seen anyone else on this site with one of these AG SPLASHER type pools. If you're out there, would you like to discuss particulars about these types of pools?

These are still considered PORTABLE pools as they can be taken down and set up again (I'm sure that's easier said than done!). They come in tiny but deep (that can be used for theraputic purposes) to SHALLOW and HUGE (I've seen pics of them looking as big as a football field!). You can see them a lot on TV shows (I've seen them on DAVID LETTERMAN for dog jumping) and at FAIRs for water sport demonstrations. I've seen cheaper ones sold at COSTCO that got a bad reputation to ones that can cost a small fortune. One of their selling points is the are considered PORTABLE and they come in a lot of sizes. They can come in different colors but mostly have a darker blue outside with about one foot of white rimming the top. The insides are generally a light blue but I have seen some with patterns. They do not have RIDGED walls but are instead supported by steel support struts on the outside of the pool attached to another pole in a 'pocket' that rings the pool and that holds the whole thing up. My particular model was built for not completely level ground and therefore I do not have ridged corners that allowed for 'flex' because of the landscape.

So ... anyone else out there trying to figure out why the 'rim' of the pool get sticky, discolored and grainy?

Let's talk!