Any major disadvantages to operating Polaris 280 without sweeper hose?


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Mar 22, 2017
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Our Polaris sweeper hose clamp wore out a couple seasons ago and hose kept falling off. Instead of replacing it, we have been operating it without the sweeper hose attached. It seems to perform properly without it and does a good job picking up leaves and debris off the bottom. Is there any major disadvantage to operating the cleaner without the sweeper hose? Do you recommend replacing the clamp and/or hose? Does it really add much benefit? We were getting tired of purchasing the high-priced tail scrubbers at the pool store and also the tail squirting water out of the pool, but now that we discovered lower-priced replacement parts on Amazon (YAY! :D), and also joining TFP and finding solutions to the water squirting, we will probably consider using it again. Just want your opinions on if it's really necessary or not. Thanks in advance for your recommendations!
My Jack Russell terrier likes to snatch the foam filters off the tail of mine. I buy them in bulk from Amazon so that is fine now. Near as I can tell, the main function of the hose is to aerate the fine silt off the bottom so that the main filter can trap it. When my hose clamp wore out, I replaced it with a stainless steel version meant for automotive hoses. It has been fine ever since.


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Jul 16, 2012
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The sweeper is a key difference in philosophy between robots and pressure or suction vacs. The sweeper makes the debris float to hopefully get into the filter. Robots contain filters and sweep up the dirt with their brushes.