Any issues closing a pool too soon?


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Jun 1, 2012
Hudson Ohio
We closed our pool last weekend-following all the directions per pool school. Brought the pool up to the appropriate shock level. Put the winter cover and leaf net on. Much to my delight-and dismay, temperatures soared into the 80's this last week. Closing instruction state that the pool temp should be 60 degrees or below.
My husband disconnected the pump and heater , storing it in the garage for the winter. Will this be a concern with the temperature of the pool being above 60 degrees?


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Feb 23, 2008
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There is always the possibility of opening to a green pool. As pwrstrk mentioned though, opening earlier with cooler water will likely benefit you. And if it is green, that is easy enough to deal with since you have the right kit and you're on the right website to get the help you might need. :goodjob:
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