Any info on the Pool Buster Max


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Oct 1, 2007
Lafayette, La
I struggle with vaccuming my pool- I have arthritis and attemtping to get everything set up seems to take me forever. We also have a lot of dust so far this year due to construction about 1/2 mile away and the Polaris is not that good with dust so I have been looking at other options. Has anyone used the Pool Buster Max? Does it work as well as their video says? Thanks for any info


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May 17, 2008
Elgin, SC
Are you using the fine mesh "silt" bag with the Polaris? Their regular bag will let dust size particles thru. I have a 360 and it traps almost anything you can see.


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Mar 29, 2007
Knippa, Texas
I like my Pool Buster, but to pick up fine particles you do need the fine mesh (silt bag) which is usually not included. Make sure you look carefully at what is included with the unit, and buy the silt bag if it is not part of the package.

Also note that, while the unit itself is lightweight, when you lift it out of the water, it is quite heavy b/c it is full of water! It might be difficult for you to raise it out of the water, with your arthritis. However, you can prop the pole against an object outside the pool and use the pole as a lever to raise the vac out of the pool. I hope that makes sense!