Any ideas to find a leak?


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I have a 6500 gal. fiberglass that has started losing about an inch of water every night. Only about 1/8" loss during the day. It's not evaporation. I did a bucket test last night. The pool dropped an inch. The bucket nothing noticeable. I've checked all of the supply jets and around the skimmer with dye. No noticeable migration. No bottom drain. Can't find any wet areas or wash-outs in the yard between the skimmer and the pump.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Oct 29, 2009
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I assume the pump is running at night? Do you have a multiport valve? Having some water leak out the waste line because of a bad gasket is a really common problem with an easy fix.


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Thanks for your reply MITS. No, the pump runs during the day. No multiport valve. I rechecked the supply jets and found one that was leaking. Sealed around it and I'm waiting to see if the water level holds. TS Debby is dumping rain on Central Florida so I can't really tell yet. :roll: