Any feedback on Solar Air Heater to heat the pool?


Mar 29, 2021
Olympia, WA
I am considering building a solar air heater to heat my swimming pool water. The warm air would be circulated in the heating system instead of pool water.
Potential benefits could be:
- No issues of water damage like a solar water heater
- Low weight compared to water heaters
- Does not have freezing issues
- May need a smaller air circulation pump, unlike a water circulation pump.
- Easier to automate using a Sonoff temperature sensor (Configure to circulate air when the heated air temp is more than 90 degrees)
- Does not need massive numbers of water tubes running through heaters.

I am aware of the low specific heat of the air. However, a large volume of air circulation may make up for the low specific heat of the air.
To reduce heat loss, I'd have to insulate air hoses between the heater and pool.
An aluminum or copper tube heat exchanger would heat water using warm air.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Thank you.
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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
I don't think you are actually aware just how awful air is as a heat transfer medium if you have high hopes for this...

Maybe I missed it, but how exactly do you plan to get the energy out of the warm air and in to the water?
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