Any Dolphin Experts Identify This One?

Hello, I live in Canada and need to purchase a new pool robot, my iRobot has bit the dust unfortunately. I'm totally overwhelmed by the different model numbers from Dolphin/Maytronics and am looking at purchasing the Dolphin Premium from pool supplies Canada and am wondering if it is a Canada model only active 30i. Any help would be much appreciated.



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May 20, 2018
Clovis, CA
Looks like an Active 30i to me. Not sure if Marina ships to Canada or if you have some way to buy in the US, but they would be cheaper for sure.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Yup, that looks like a renamed Active 30i to me. Only diff between that and the next down the line Active 20/Pentair Warrior SE/Dolphin Discovery is that it does WiFi and comes with a more programable power box and trolly.