Anthony Pool Light - Replace bulb with color splash LED?


Apr 19, 2010
I have a 40+ year old anthony pool with an obsolete pool light. I was thinking about changing the bulb to one of those multi-color LED bulbs. I did some research on the bulbs and they are available in 120v or 12v version. Has anyone tried the 12V bulb with the OLD pool light wiring? I would obviously reroute the wire in the j-box to a 12v transformer instead of 120v. I was thinking it would be safer since I don't have to worry about moisture getting inside the lamp and tripping the gfci. Any thoughts on this idea?

I am planning on replastering the pool in the next few weeks so I always have the option of changing out the light niche, but would rather spend the money on replacing the copper lines and replacing the obsolete anthony skimmer.


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Jun 14, 2007
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Which old wire are you reusing? You should use the wire attached to the lamp to connect all the way to the transformer. Where is your old J-box located? The old floor/deck mounted boxes no longer meet code and are, in fact, somewhat dangerous. . It is possible that the 120V feed may not be large enough for the new 12V lamp. Wire is sized according to amperage, and a 12V circuit will draw ten times the amps of a 120V circuit for the same wattage lamp. However, LED use fewer watts so you may be OK on this point, but I would want to be sure.


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May 12, 2008
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The power consumption is 35.3 Watts for the pool light and 23W for the Spa light.

35.3W is approx 3 Amps @ 12V. The NEC chart rates 18 gauge for 14 amps max. Check your existing wire size. Chances are it will not be an issue.
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