Another Year to Do Better!


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Jun 8, 2013
East Texas
I LOVE this site and tell every pool owner I know about it!
Each year I try some new product that is recommended here or try a method to make my pool life better.
I say all that to say TA/pH is going to be my focused goal this summer. It always runs high. High pH, add Muriatic acid, raise TA by aeration, high Ph again. What am I doing wrong? Pool looks gorgeous as it usually does , but I don't want to be ruining something or causing damage unknowingly.

Today's numbers:

FC - 3
pH - 8
TA - 180
CH - 200 (adding today to increase)
CYA - 60
CSI - 0.17

Thoughts or opinions?
Looking forward to a great season with you all!
Thanks as always!


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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What is the pH and TA of your fill water?

TA is the least important chemical you measure. I would not obsess about a high TA. Just keep your pH in the 7's as needed.