Another The Woodlands, TX Build - Pebble Today FINALLY!


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Jul 16, 2020
The Woodlands, TX
They aren’t permanently installed but I couldn’t wait to put the water bowls on, so I got my workout in and heaved these 90lbs bowls into place to get the full effect. (I’m going to point the middle bowl more towards the middle of the pool.

With all of the pumps on and the JetArrays at max, it’s pretty loud. But then again,the JetArrays would be on only when in the spa so you wouldn’t hear the pumps anyway. It’s not too bad with all of the water features running.

I got the speaker wire and internet run to the pergola for a streaming TV. I picked up a 55” TCL Roku TV from Walmart on an early Black Friday sale for a steal at $150. Need to figure out a TV mount and have a few ideas.