Another TFP trouble free opening!


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Apr 14, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio
Not that this post will offer much value to anyone, but I just have to brag about and give props to the TFP method for another great pool opening.

I pulled my safety cover off (solid) and found a larger amount of worms than normal decided to enjoy my pool over to winter. I completely went the lazy route and threw my robot in with the mesh cartridges installed, which made a nice cloudy mess. I won't do that next year and will vacuum to waste like I should have ?.

I started to refill the pool (city water) which has a fairly high PH and began adjusting it down. I took it up to SLAM levels yesterday afternoon and it wasn't losing any chlorine but it was certainly clearing up nicely between the SLAM, PH adjustments, and the filter / robot combo.

This morning it's crystal clear and still at SLAM levels. My PH creeped up, but had since been lowered to 7.4 and we shall see what it settles at.

I'm grateful for the education this provides and it really makes owning a pool enjoyable and as easy as possible to take care of. I finally put a cabinet on the patio to keep all the necessary potions and tools for the pool,. Which makes life much easier.
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I know it's more convenient to have everything in your storage cabinet, but the chlorine and your test kit reagents will be happier and keep longer if you store them inside the house. And remember, never store autistic acid near chlorine!!! Danger, danger, danger!
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