Another Texan...


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Hi there!

I've been lurking about for the past week or so and thought it was time to finally chime in.

I inherited an 18,000 gallon gunite pool with a dying Nautilus NS DE Filter when we bought the house last summer. I had been relying on Leslie's Pool to test my water prior to finding this site. Luckily their numbers from the last time I took my water in for testing is very close to the numbers I just received from my brand-spanking-new TF Test Kit (thanks for the recommendation). I figured that since I'm saddled with the pool for the unforeseeable future, I might as well learn how to take care of the darned thing properly.

This is a wonderful site and I've already learned quite a bit. Thanks!


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Apr 10, 2007
Richardson, TX
Always good to see another Texan around! Welcome...there's tons of great info on here and some very helpful and nice people (and some of them are not Texans :D)



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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
Welcome to TFP!

You will find your answers here. Be sure to read the stickies for starters. Look forward to seeing you on the boards.



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May 30, 2007
South Carolina

Whoa there! Gotta' get another state represented before the Texans pile on!! :-D J/K

Glad to have you, Xene97.

Yea, when you get time, let us see some pix of that pool! :)

That is all. (my John Wayne) :wink: