Another southern CA pool owner

May 15, 2016
Yucca Valley, CA
I'm in southern CA just outside of Palm Springs. Bit higher elevation so it gets a little cooler in the winter. I've been a pool owner since 2009 when we bought the house. It was recommended to replace the plaster since the old one had one more acid wash and then would need to be replaced. We went with Pebble tech and have had good luck with it. Originally the pool had a time clock and single speed pump and was chlorinated with tabs. We had a Pentair Intellichlor installed when the resurfacing was done. The propane heater had been removed before we even saw the house. In 2011 we put in a Pentair Intelliflo pump with a Sun Touch control panel. We also installed a Pentair 4000 BTU natural gas heater. I've learned a lot over the years on how to maintain the pool. I've been through 4 intellichlors, only one of which I had to pay for. Every now and then something comes up that stumps me, which is why I'm here.