ANOTHER single, dual, variable speed questions


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Apr 4, 2017
Cypress, TX
After dealing with a bad pcb controller on my Jandy Aqualink RS (thanks BP Engineering for fixing), I installed and now my main pump has seized up! The hits just keep coming in 2020!

I swear I just replaced this Dang thing 2 years ago! Anyway, thought I should look into the economic/feasibility of a dual or variable speed motor. INYO pools suggest the following:
My first question is can my Hayward Super II pump housing accept both of these models? I'm assuming yes, since INYO pools say these are alternatives to my original single speed B230SE.

Secondly, can my old Aqualink RS 8 control the speed on the pump or maybe a better question is how do you control the speed of the pump?

Lastly, the economics of it. Using a formula I found elsewhere on this site, I calculated the following:
B230SE (single speed) - 2.116kW x 9 hrs of operation=19.044 x $0.077=$1.466/day=$43.99/month
B2977 (dual speed) - 8.9amps 2.047kW x 9 hrs of operation=18.423 x $0.077=$1.419/day=$42.56/month
B2977 (dual speed) - 3.1amps .713kW x 9 hrs of operation=6.417 x $0.077=$0.494/day=$14.82/month
ECM16cu (variable speed) - 10.5amps 2.184kW x 9 hrs of operation=19.656 x $0.077=$1.514/day=$45.41/month
ECM16cu (variable speed) - .5amps .115kW x 9 hrs of operation=1.035 x $0.077=$0.08/day=$2.39/month

Hope I did that right. A few things...lightening in the Houston area is no joke and see multiple post about the susceptibility of variable speed pumps. One thing I didn't factor is that I left the hours of operation the same across the board. I assume that would have to change for the various lower speeds of the motors.

I do have a booster pump and a water fall pump. I don't use the booster pump too much any more since I have the TigerShark robot cleaner.


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Apr 4, 2017
Cypress, TX
BUMP - Anyone have an opinion on this or an answer to my questions?

Think I've eliminated the variable speed pump...just too much lightening in the area. So then the question is can the old AquaLink RS8 control the dual speed motor?


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May 3, 2014
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Just so you know - your next motor change will require a VS pump. Federal law kicks in July 18, 2021 which requires a multi speed motor for pool pumps greater than 1.1THP.
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