Another Sand in Pool Thread....


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May 27, 2010
Rochester Hills, MI
My water's crystal clear, but I'm getting seeing sand on the liner.

I replaced the laterals last year when we got the pool up and running.

While the pump is running sand is not coming out of the filter, this was verified with a sock over the return.

I shut the pump off last night around 7, no sand on the bottom as it was freshly vacuumed out. This morning around 7, no sand whatsoever. I go to work and come home at lunch, sand on the boom, pump wasnt on.

I haven't had the multivalve removed or apart since last Spring. Could this be a spider gasket issue? What other reasons could this be?

Note that while the pump is running, the valve does leak out a fairly steady drop out the waste port.....



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May 25, 2007
rebl68 said:
I will try to pick it up today.

Could this just stuff in the air thats landing in the pool?? I'm kind of baffled by this.
Absolutely. You can put a sock over your return to see if it catches anything, then you'll know if it's getting out of the filter or just blowing in the wind :)
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