Another "pool store" story...

Uncle Ben

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Apr 20, 2010
Southern California
Two stories, actually. Went to a local, independent store about a week ago to have them verify some of my tests, and they said everything was fine, but that I had 0 CYA, so they told me to add 5lbs of it, based on my pool size. I explained to them that I have only replaced a few inches of water since adding a full container only 2 months ago, so it should not be possible for me to have 0. He asked a couple stupid questions like whether we've been doing a lot of swimming lately... :hammer:

Yesterday I went to another store, Leslie's to get one very small pool item and had them run a test also, so I could compare to the other store's test. All their test #'s seemed to be right on. CYA was at 50, which is exactly what I thought it was, and everything else was normal too.

Good thing I didn't believe the guy at the other store since I would now have over 100 CYA if I had followed his advice :x

But that's not the end of the Leslie's story. The last lucky item on their test printout was for....phosphates :lol: She said that level was too high and I should "add this bottle" for a sweet $22. I told her I have no algae and my chlorine level is fine and if I maintain it (along with my other levels) I should have no issue. Her reply? "Yeah, but the it gets smart, and you'll still end up getting algae. That's why even people that have a pool service still end up here cause they get algae"

I just said, "I'll pass". As she was ringing me up for another small item, she continued with her sales pitch for several minutes. I just didn't say much of anything and left without the phosphates. I guess I'll be sorry when I have to go back in there with my shoulders shrugged and eyes on the floor with embarrassment once I get algae due to phosphate levels that are too low. :rant: (note heavy sarcasm)

Good thing I've read this forum and pool school so I didn't go in there uneducated and walk out with an empty bank account.


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Apr 4, 2009
Next time you go back, ask where the "smart" algae are hanging out? "My dumb algae are getting lonely and shy as heck, since they are still hiding...what was that about my phosphate level?"


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Jun 11, 2010
Vernon BC
yeah test results at PS......i recently shopped around and took some of my pool and hot tub water and had them tested at 3 different places, pretty much three different results. my CYA is around 60, one store said it was at 100, i have borates in my HT and keep my pH around 7.3-4 one store said my pH was 5.8......I was like really? there was only one store who was sort of spot on except for the CYA reading....tough spot for consumers to be in that dont find places like this.
Uncle Ben she was trying to sell you the phosphates so hard because thats her JOB to sell consumers products that they have on the shelf, if you really wanted to mess with her you should have told her about this place and that she should come here and get the facts about smart and dumb algae.....

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