Another Polaris vs. Dolphin thread? re: leaves


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Oct 8, 2019
Mobile, AL
I've read enough to feel confident that I'd rather have a robot than the Polaris 280 that my PB included with his quote, just need to find out if he can offer me the Dolphin or if I would just have to delete the Polaris and buy it on my own. But I do want to make sure the robot option is adequate for my needs, which will be predominantly leaves. I've read thread after thread about the robots being better at small debris such as dirt/sand/etc, just want to confirm they are also equal or better at picking up leaves as I expect that will be my biggest enemy.

Also is there any good reference to compare the various differences between the models I understand there are three - or more - different lines (Pentair Warrior, Dolphin Active, Dolphin S series), but can't get a good feel for the difference from the S200 to S300, then S300 to S300i. I don't expect I would go any higher than that. More than likely the S200 line (Warrior SE, Active 20) would be adequate for me but want to understand what I'm giving up. I figure there's a great table/matrix laid out here somewhere that I just haven't run across yet.


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May 10, 2020
I purchased a Dolphin M600 in May. It does good with small debris as well as leaves. We have a big problem with leaves and pine needles and I was worried about how the robot would keep up compared to the Polaris. I think it does much better than the Polaris, eve with leaves and pine needles. We had a big wind event recently and the M600 had no problem cleaning the pool. The basket may need dumped more often than the Polaris bag, but that is a small price to pay compared with the better performance. I only wish I had purchased the robot sooner.