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Mar 26, 2017
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First, thanks for all the useful information and I figured I'd ask just to make sure on right track. A little paranoid with this pool maintenance thing and seeing a green pool.
Been checking pool with K-2006, way too frequently, mainly to get used to it. Because of this forum, I noticed an increase in CYA level from February level of 40 to current level of 70. Immediately stopped using 3" pucks and started with bleach. Ph seems to creep to 8 every couple of days (don't know why) and have a hard time keeping it in the desired range.
Current Results:
FC 4.5
CC 0
Ph 8
TA 100
CH 400
CYA 70

Guess I would like a little advice, is this ok and if I stop using the pucks, will the CYA naturally go down with pool use, rain, etc. Green pools intimidate me and would rather not traveling down that path as a newbie


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Apr 12, 2016
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Welcome to TFP!!!

Ok, let's take a look here.

First of all, with a CYA of 70, your FC (chlorine) is too low. Let's add bleach asap to get that up to at least 8-10. 5 is the absolute minimum that you should never go below. The chart here shows you what you need to target: Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart

You can use PoolMath (link at the top of the page) to figure out how much bleach or other chemicals you need to add when you're adjusting a value.

pH rise is normal in pools - you can add muriatic acid periodically to get pH down to 7.6. With a TA of 100, you could try to lower the TA through aeration and acid additions, see this article: Pool School - Lower Total Alkalinity

CH is a little high, but manageable (it's another component, like CYA, that can only go down with water replacement).

Your CYA will very slowly come down over time. 70 is manageable, you'll just need to make sure you maintain your chlorine at the appropriate level. If you end up getting an algae breakout, having CYA that high will cause you to need a lot more bleach to SLAM however, so take extra care to keep the FC at or above 8 with daily testing/chlorine adds, and as you said, only use bleach or liquid chlorine to avoid raising the CYA even higher.

If you get confused with PoolMath or are having problems, please feel free to ask questions here and we'll help you to get it figured out.

How does your water look? Is it clean and very clear?


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Apr 12, 2016
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You can add them both if you're careful.

Add one by pouring slowly, in front of a return with the pump running, brush around the area you added, then wait about 10-15 minutes and add the other.

Just in case I miss the jet a little, I always brush the bottom around the area I've added acid to make sure it hasn't pooled and mixes well.


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Apr 12, 2016
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Not bad!

You'll want to make sure to dose chlorine to 8 when you're doing your adds. This will help provide that bit of extra chlorine buffer to make sure you don't accidentally drop below minimums.

Also, when you get a few minutes, please add the details of your pool to your signature - you can do so at this link: Trouble Free Pool

Once you've done that, the next time you post, check the "Show your signature" box at the bottom of the post and it will add your signature from then on.

Thanks! You're on the way to having an awesome pool. :D