another Newb from CT

Jun 16, 2008
Suffield, CT
Hi there,

i was googling swimming pool forums and this was my one of 2 choices
the other the registration page was disabled.... go figure.

anywho i hope to do some searching to get my pool in usable shape.
it has seen better days. This is the first season we are using it in the last 4-5 years.
After making some structural repairs i filled it and winterized it last fall.
now it's open and trying to get the water clear (it's a little cloudy).

I purchased my folks house so i know the pools history. bulit 1986, IG gunite pool



just adding some notes.......

onizers work by putting copper or silver, or both, into your pool water. They are sanitizers, but not oxidizers. So, you will still have to use an oxidizer, like chlorine or a non-chlorine shock, to shock your pool to remove the buildup of organisms destroyed by the metal sanitizers. Copper and silver will both stain all of the surfaces that they touch - plaster, stone, cement, plastic - if the level of metal in the water gets too high, or if the pH gets too high, or if the Total Alkalinity is too high. In other words, it's very likely that you will experience some metal staining with an ionizer. Also, when the ionizer plates wear out, they have to be replaced. They're not cheap, either


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Mar 29, 2007
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Fazang, welcome to TFP!!

You are right below the 'dip' in the Ct/ Mass border - I'm in the Waterbury area :wave: The site I think you were referring to is Pool Solutions - it's unfortunate that registrations closed (there are some problems there with the admin - he hasn't been heard from in ~ 2 years) the site is helpful, but only if you can get in - that's one of the main reasons this site exists - to let folks like you get the good! pool info that can no longer be accessed elsewhere. Quite a few of us came over from there when Trouble Free Pool started, we truly want to help pool owners with the issues they have :!:

It's good to see another 'Nutmeg Stater' here (we've got to keep some northern presence here :wink: )!

I hope your pool is 'trouble free', but if something comes up - we'll be here to help!
BTW - you get an "A+" for doing your ionizer homework :goodjob: