Another new "Manager"—Mom's pool, NJ.


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Jun 10, 2019
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Hello, I am new to the forum.

Last year my husband and I became quasi-responsible for my mom's pool. She has had pools and taken care of them without issue for 40 years until 2 years ago when she got sick. The pool sat closed for 2 years.
When we opened it (late) last summer it was predictably a mess. My husband is a real research junkie so we quickly discovered we needed a better test kit to try and fix things- so we already own the Taylor k-2006. Pool got clear but never felt like we got the balance under control and I wasn't sure of the science myself - and since mom was in chemo we couldn't take any chances and no one got in the pool. We closed the pool clear but not really in balance.

Last weekend we opened the pool. Water is clear. Biggest issue is the CYA currently @100.
For years she had used 3" tabs and had used a ton when we were fighting the algae last summer. I know we will have to partially drain the pool - which she isn't going to like so I have to approach carefully.

My 2 biggest issues with this situation:
#1 - the pool is not at my house and I can not get over there everyday. (I have a full time job and a 2hr each way commute). I can probably stop over a few times a week if absolutely necessary but 1x per week would be optimal. Hoping to establish a simple routine to keep this on track and hope she can get in for a swim this season.
#2 - how to take care of a pool when you only have 50% authority over it? So far she has been amenable to the "science" I have been talking about, but I expect some push back on the liquid bleach issue. I also don't know how much bleach will need to be added daily and wonder if she will be able to handle adding it when I am not there.

I will be over to hers later today to take her to the doctor and plan to do a test when we get back. It has rained for the last 2 days so I am sure all the levels are off now (hopefully it helps the CYA). At last test FC was 12, CC .5, CYA 100 - 24 hrs after adding 2 bags of HTH shock. The other values are in my notebook over there. Researching the CYA level was what brought me to the TFP.

Calcium Hypochlorite as HTH shock is the only non stabilized chlorine I have over there right now. If I need to add chlorine today that is probably my best bet, yes? Everything else is tabs with stabilizer.

Anyway that is my story.
I have been reading the articles and been lurking the forum for the last few days—there is a lot of great help available that I am sure will be needed soon so thank you in advance!


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May 3, 2014
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Welcome to the forum!
For lessened pool maintenance, a SWCG is the best. Or a Stenner pump/tank for liquid chlorine. Both add chlorine every day to the pool. You still need to test your chemistry and manage pH, etc. But the daily addition of chlorine is taken care of, with out skyrocketing CYA.

Head on over to the regular sub-forums and start a thread. Probably Just Getting Started.
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry and consider reviewing the entire Pool School eBook.


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Jun 10, 2019
08723 - NJ
I will have my "tech guy" look at these. I don't think salt water will fly if there is a risk to landscaping. Plus I do not think there is the $$ to convert at the moment anyway.
I will make a getting started thread later when I get home. Thanks for the reply!