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Jun 16, 2019
I understand how things work, but I'm impatient to see some results
Please do not take this as snarky. I do not mean it as a cheap shot in any regard. But the irony of your statement is that impatience is what brings most of our new members here. They couldn’t be bothered to test and maintain the pool so they took a sample to the pool store once a week and threw a chunk of money at the pool to mask the problem. Without ever fixing the problem.

I TOTALLY see your point that the summer is more than half over and you don’t get to swim until November like they do in Florida. But what’s done is done and there is no magic pill to fix the pool water. Time and effort is what you can do if you want it right, and to stay that way. The pool store will sell you problem masker and things to make it *worse* until they make up terms like ‘chlorine lock’ and tell you to drain the pool. They start you on the imbalanced chemistry roller coaster on day 1.
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Jul 17, 2021
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Some really awesome replies here that just go to show how helpful this forum is! Strangers are literally taking time out of their day / bending over backward to help another complete stranger.
Amazing!! This forum rocks!!
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Jan 21, 2012
I dont know what the prices are for the individual tests in canada, but instead of buying the entire test kit, you could instead buy the chemicals separately. You should be able to get the proper size sample tube if you have a kit. You will use the 10ml sample amount

Also the taylor K-2006 is a smaller kit but has all the reagents you need. It looks to be around half the price.

This is the basic fas-dpd for FC

this is the r-0003 for testing CC

This is the CYA reagent

This is the CYA test tube

This is the CYA mixing bottle

My daughter did a science fair project testing pool store accuracy. Even with the identical sample they got different results. This was over 5 pool stores. Your pool store might be the exception, but in my area their results are almost random.
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Mar 30, 2021
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The pool company wasn't charging me for the testing, it's free. And buying the test will cost $180-200 and take 7-10 business days minimum to deliver. I was simply asking if it seemed like the advice was on track.
Nothing is really free. My time isn't free and neither is the vehicle that I drive to get around town. So while most pool companies will provide free sample testing, it's been proven that pool stores will not provide the same results on the same water? Why is that? So the consensus around here is no, the advice you are given at the store is not on track. The advice you are being provided here is on track. A test kit is a necessity if you have a pool that you can't do a full water replacement every week. IE; kiddie pool. Just look at the new post section and start counting the brand new members with the question, green cloudy pool. You'll see something strikingly similar in everyone of these threads.

I thought all you do is buy a pool, stick it up, fill it up, swim/bob around and that's it. The minute I joined this forum I knew it wasn't going to be that easy just by reading water chemistry so, I immediately bit the bullet and ordered a test kit.

If you don't really want to spend the money on the kit, than go to Canadian Tire and buy a few hundred dollars worth of chlorine. They only sell em in 3.6L jugs now for about $5. Use pool math and get your SLAM numbers for FC and keep it there all the time. Will require you to get the pool water tested pretty well much everyday until you know how much FC loss you are dealing with on a day to day basics.

Good luck.
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