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Apr 23, 2017
Northlake TX
Hello to all...I am new to this site and considering a cost plus build as well. My contractor has built several pools in the area and gets high marks from everyone I have spoke with. My pool is approximately 36x20 freeform style and bid has come in at $53K. A big cost is decking since I have about 1100 sf, perimeter 105' and pool area 696 sf. Does this seem correct? Other bids from actual pool companies is $60k plus....also I have a large yard of 1 acre property so is a freeform pool better or should I consider more of a straight line pool considering yard size?

Thanks in advance...

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Feb 14, 2017
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The cost is going to be relative to the area you live in but from what I see on here 60k is nothing out of the norm for the size your saying. I would say that there are many other variables like type of decking, equipment , automation , heater, spa, water features etc that can drastically change your pricing.
If you would post a pic of the design and equipment that would be very helpful.
Also if you do a traditional square pool with the same dimensions you will have more surface are and more sqft which would drive your price up more typically. At that point the price should be a huge difference so my recommendation would be to go with the design you love best since you will live with it for many years
Please ask if you have more questions

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Oct 17, 2016
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It's purely opinion, but I think free form vs straight line sets a tone for the yard. Free form, playful and open, informal - and then you can do most anything to the yard. I think the straight line just always sets a much more formal tone, some will depend on materials as well. Oklahoma stone or similar will make it less formal, travertine or stone with straight lines and hard cut edges more formal. Darker greys seem more formal to me as well.


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Jul 5, 2016
That's a pretty good price for the size. I live pretty close to you (Colleyville) and my quotes on a 15 x 30 rectangular with spa were coming in around $50K with about half the deck size you have. We ended up going the owner build route and saved about 20%.