another cloudy water thread


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May 22, 2012
sorry to ask yet another cloudy water question, but after almost 2 months of perfect water my pool went cloudy from yesterday into today.
i vaccumed the floor, (litttle green here and there) and kicked the pump into high gear this morning and added 184 oz of clorox. I suspect an overnight pump running will take care of things but maybe something im missing. as a side note, i cleaned my filter (less than 3 months of service) about 5 days ago using degreaser "purple stuff" I felt i THOUROUGHLY cleaned the filter, rinsing it many many times.

Heres my test results at 9am est

FC 7.5
CC 0.0
pH 7.4
TA 110
CH 240
cya 30

at noon I checked the FC and it was up to 11 from adding the bleach this morning.

ive had the pump thumpin for about 5 hours now and it doesnt appear to be clearing up. its not terrible but I guess im spoiled with such awesome water. thanks for any input



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Mar 16, 2011
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justin_huffman said:
But FC was at like 1.0 2 days ago which was never an issue.
FC at 1 is an issue. 1ppm FC is not enough chlorine to keep algae from growing (which is the most likely suspect for cloudy water.)

Bama asked what the FC was before the bleach was added, because he suspects that the FC was low, and the reason for the algae growth leading to cloudy water. 7.5 is not near high enough to shock the pool and kill the algae. For CYA 30, you need to keep the chlorine level at 12 until you pass the OCLT.


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Jul 2, 2012
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justin_huffman said:
I don't know what OCLT means. But FC was at like 1.0 2 days ago which was never an issue. Perhaps with the sun and fun it got the best of me. Thanks for the replies:)
You and me in the same boat, I am shocking doing OCLT overnight since yesterday, although my water is crystal clear, but still lost 3 points of FC overnight.


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Jun 5, 2012
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It appears you have a manually chlorinated pool (e.g., not SWG). If so, why are you trying to raise the CYA to 60-70? This will require higher FC levels to maintain your pool and even higher FC shock levels if you need to go through the shock process (see Chlorine/CYA Chart link in my sig). The ideal CYA for a manually chlorinated pool is 30-50 . With your CYA at 30 you are in range. Wouldn't increase it unless your FC loss is high during the day and you have tested and ruled out any organic contamination that would also consume FC (such as running and passing the OCLT). Much easier to add CYA than it is to reduce it if it gets too high.