Another bonding question - regarding finished grade


Aug 24, 2016
Houston area
Our pool varies at 6-10” below grade. We are planning to put down landscaping fabric then backfill 24” from pool wall with river stone and set w pavers. Does the bonding wire need to be surrounded by earth? Do I need to backfill with soil before I put the river rock on top?


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Jun 19, 2020
NE Ohio
Bonding wire needs to be buried 4-6" below grade and 18-24" away from the inside of the pool. So it sounds like you will just have it in your stones. Im going to try to bond my pool this weekend and just plan on putting bonding wire in the gravel that I backfilled with. Probably 75% my pool has gravel around and the other 25% is dirt that I will dig a trench.