Animal/Critter burrows (southern AZ)


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Oct 30, 2018
Tucson, AZ
My pool equipment is housed in a gated enclosure with a dirt floor. Of course, concrete pads have been poured to support the filter, pumps, and heater, but there's just raw dirt in there. I'm seeing a growing number of burrows and not sure how to control them. The entrances are about 1" in diameter, so I don't think I'm looking at rodent burrows. Anyone familiar with identifying burrows in the region?

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In my days there, we had tons of those grounds squirrel. We called them "squeaks". Cute little critters, but the tunneling can be a pain. Because they are native to the area and probably have several paths to escape, I'm honestly not sure how you'd tackle that one. Might depend on if you hope to catch & release humanly, or simply trap to eliminate. There are some high-tech sonar products and repellants as well. Might have to solicit the help of an expert. Or, ………. a pet might help run them out of the area. Hopefully not a dog who would dig biggest tunnels going after them. Checkout these links:
ground squirrel control and treatments for the home yard and garden