Android vs IOS Issues with Screenlogic


Oct 8, 2019
If my pumps are running and I open Screenlogic on my Android, my pump shuts off for about 10 seconds, then resumes normal operation. When I do the same thing with ScreenLogic on my Apple device or computer I have no such problem. I spoke with Pentiar tech support and they said my configs look fine.

I don't have any check boxes on turning off pumps when actuators are moving. In fact the issue comes up when I open the ScreenLogic program without changing anything. As soon as my Android connects to my pool system, it shuts everything off. I have installed and uninstalled SL multiple times. All firmware and software are up to date. 1.170, 5.2 Build 738.0 Rel


Oct 8, 2019
Contacted a friend who has Android and he said the same thing happens on his system. Sitting in the spa with therapies running, open SL to make temp adjustment and everything turns off for 10 seconds. Or having a party and water features running, open SL to make light change and system shuts down. Annoying


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have no clue what is causing the problem, but it is not normal...

I just used my phone via the cell line and my pool came right up and I was able to turn things on and off with no issues..

I then used my phone via the WiFi and again it worked with no issues

I did this with the ScreenLogic app on my computer turned off and with it turned on..

I have Build 5.2, Rel 738.0 what do you have???


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Feb 6, 2020
I would recommend that you uninstall and reinstall the app. I know you tried this, but maybe the problem is that you did it the usual way. Try to use another uninstaller which will keep track of all the residual files and records of application and delete them. After that, perform a clean installation of the app, should help. This helped me in many cases. Good luck!