And the cleanup begins......


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May 23, 2009
Fairmont, WV
My perfectly clear, sparkily water is no more :x ... We had major storms blow through last night like I have NEVER seen in this area before. I guess it was almost like a tornado, it may well have been, just read the Gov. declared a state of emergency. Not being used to tornado activity I was amazed at what I saw last night. A huge, mature pear tree in my backyard just snapped in half like a tootoothpick. I just watched, as there was nothing I could do, as it picked up my hammock and threw it over the side of the deck. Thankfully it didn't throw it into the pool. All the fencing from around the pool has been ripped away. I am lucky as I see no damage to the pool itself.

So going out this morning to survey the damge, the water is still very clear, but full of stuff! I just wanted to thank everyoneone here who conveys their wisdom, because even though I know the clean-up won't be an easy process, I know it can be done. I have learned so much from reading and following your advice that it will make this a LOT easier.

It is supposed to get to 100 degrees here today with high humidity again. I know a lot of people from the south and southwest are used to this, but it not real common in this area, but at least I can stay wet while I'm trying to clean out the

:cheers: So cheers to you all and if I have any questions about this process, you can be sure that I know where to come first!! Take care all!!!


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Jun 5, 2012
DFW, Texas

Sounds like no one you know was hurt, so that's good.

We had a couple of storms go through a month or so ago, probably with less wind than you had but at least as much rain. All I did was dose my FC up to the high end of the range for my CYA level, skim the larger debris out of the water, place the Polaris in, and run the pump/filter longer than I normally do to filter out the smaller debris that gets washed in by the rain. All was good the next day - like the storm never happened. Never needed to shock.


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May 30, 2007
South Carolina
Hey pepsiholic, glad everyone is okay.

Hope you took pics for insurance, and of course, for us too. :wink:

Let us know how it goes. Glad you can keep cool with the pool. I don't know how anyone can do anything outside without having a pool or at the very least, a water hose with with some cool deep well water pouring out!

Was that a bradford pear tree? Just curious.


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Apr 15, 2012
SW Ohio
sorry about your bad misfortune pepsiholic if you need any assistance with cleaning up your pool i know this great website that the people can help you out of any's called tfp you ever heard of it? your day sounds like the way mine went yesterday mine started at 3 am when i was leaving for work and went to check the pool and noticed that my intex pump took a dump on me after only 3 weeks of service and then after 45 minutes on hold with them to finally get nowhere, i came home and went out to eat with my wife and thats when the storm hit most likely the same one that hit you....WOW what a doosy i then came home and found my pumpless pool full of dirt and leaves.....**** what a day i went and bought a hayward pump and got it all hooked up and i got mine all cleaned up at about 11 pm last night and i know you will get yours cleaned up too hang in there buddy


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May 28, 2012

We're located in Tampa Bay and had about a foot of rain drop on us from TS Debbie last week. Run off from my neighbor's yard coated the bottom of my pool. We just filtered, vacuumed to waste, filtered, filtered, and filtered some more until we got back our sparkly goodness. Granted, we had absolutely no chemicals in our pool whatsoever, but that's another matter. After the storm, I let our pump run about 48 hours continuously while filter cleaning and vacuuming at least 2 or 3 times a day. I did throw a 2.5 gallon jug of 10% bleach in there after draining to a normal level just as a precaution but otherwise all went well. Just hang in there and in no time :cheers:


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May 23, 2009
Fairmont, WV
Thanks for all the ecouragement. The deed is done, I was at it all day. I am one of the lucky ones that have electricity, some of my neighboors still don't. They have shut down most retaurants and gas stations in the area until they get things back under control

But anyways, I spent all days sweeping out all the debis and letting the filter catch what I couldn't. I rebalanced and have maintained shock level all day, running the filter through the night, doig an OCLT in the morning. The water looks pretty clear, but I did have 1cc when I last tested, so hopefully it'll be gone by morning.

This place is a godsend and I really appriciate everything I have learned here. So if anyone reading these forums doubt this method, please DON'T, it truly works!!


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Jul 21, 2011
Eastern Ohio
The more I hear about last nights storms, the more it sounds like we lucked out up my way. I'm about 2 hours north/west of you in Steubenville Ohio. We had a few minutes of heavy wind and rain, but not much. Just about 15 miles west of us a tornado touched down....all while I was outside at work. :poke: It sounds like you've got a grasp on what needs done, now let's hope we catch a break and this hot weather goes away for a few days.....too bad the 5 day forecast show's only more of the same. :(


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Jun 5, 2012
Glad the pool cleanup happened quickly! We had a group that drove into Fairmont today for a mission trip! They are trying to figure out if they will be able to work or will have to come home :-( Hopefully power will be restored soon for those who are still without it. We are longing for rain here in the midwest, but nice rain shower would be good! Not storms. Hope the yard cleanup goes as smoothly!