Anchor cups and green stairs


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Aug 25, 2011
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Had a couple of topics and didn't want to clutter up the place so I combined them...

I don't know if "anchor cups" is the "official" name for them, but they are the little cups that the ladder posts slide down into. One of mine has a bunch of sand or dirt in it and a couple (for volleyball nets which aren't in) just have some gross standing water in them. Do they make anything to cover them? Or is there any sort of makeshift anything I can/should use to fill them to avoid this?

Just above the water line on our stairs, we have some faint green (algae, presumably?) What's the best way to clean that? As an aside, I'm assuming it's not something I should worry about...

Thanks everyone - you all are my sanity anchor in my first year of owning an inground pool!

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Jun 22, 2009
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1. They do make covers for the anchor sleeves. I'd squirt a little bleach in them.

2. If it's algae you need to use a bleach solution to clean it. If it's a stain, you can try Magic Eraser. Also, if it's algae I'd run an OCLT.


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