Amazing Site!


Jul 8, 2012
Northampton, PA
This site has signle-handedly turned me from someone who hated owning a pool and everything that went with it, into a confident, happy pool owner. I can't say thank you enough to those who run and maintain this site. My wife and I closed on our home last July, and it came with our pool, pump, and sand filter. I never had owned a pool, but thought, "hey this could be cool, how hard can it be?" By September of last year we were ready to tear it out. Opened the pool this spring to a green swamp and thought that would be final straw, until searching on google I came across this site. In a week and a half my pool was sparkling as a result of everything I have read and learned here. Now, my water is balanced and easy to keep up with, and I have learned more about pool care and maintenance than I thought could have existed. TFP is the greatest!