Am I set for winter in AZ


Nov 19, 2017
San Tan Valley, AZ
Just moved here to San Tan Valley AZ and had a pool installed. We purchased one of those plastic bubble covers and cut it to the pool shape (kidney). The tech who set up our pump, set it to run 8 hours: 3 hrs @ 2600 rpm's for a heavy cleaning and 5 hrs @ 1725 rpm's at a normal cleaning. These run from 10 AM to 1 PM for the heavy cleaning and then right into the normal cleaning from 1 PM to 6 PM. Basically these hours are due to our neighbors bedroom is just over the wall from our equipment. It is fine right now. Not planning on using pool until it warms up here, what I'm told end of May. Okay, with the cover and the pump running those hours for 7 days, am I okay for the winter. I have tested with a test kit and have had the water tested at a pool store and everything is good. I am checking once a week to see if things are good and they are. By the way, it is a salt water pool. Still producing 3300 ppm and keeping the chlorine in line. Since this is our first pool, ARE WE OKAY FOR THE WINTER MONTHS?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
It is doubtful that your SWCG is generating. If it is, be aware it may shutoff soon due to cold water.

You really do not need to run your pump that much. You really only need to run the pump at a high enough rpm to activate the flow switch in the SWCG. Then long enough to generate your chlorine plus any more time for skimming. Then you will need a short time at higher rpm to run your suction cleaner. Soon you will read here to get a robot and lose the suction cleaner.

Post up your test results as Woody asked. Also consider getting a proper test kit soon. You need it.

Take care.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A great resource for all your pool maintenance questions, whether your valley has a Tan or not... :shark:

You should be just fine for the winter, as not much grows in cold water.. The real problem will be in the Spring and Summer...

I suspect that your chemical readings of "Everything is good" do not at all agree with what we consider to be good..

I suggest that you read through our Pool School.. Pool School - Pool School to see what we are all about.

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